Data Space

In order to map the present relationship between Science and Orthodoxy, Project SOW will develop an open access database to be accessed from this webpage. The aim is to collect, record and present the views and positions that constitute today’s science and religion dialog in Greece, Russia, Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia and Georgia, as well as the United Kingdom, the United States of America, France, Αustralia and Canada. The sources are organized in a way to present the main questions that are discussed today in the Orthodox world and the various attitudes concerning these questions.   

The database aims at becoming the main tool of reference for scholars wishing to carry on the research on the relations between Science and Orthodox Christianity in the 21st century. It also aims at making the ideas of Orthodox thinkers expressed in various languages largely known to the international community. The texts available will also be of great use to specialists or PhD students in the field of Theology or Philosophy of Science as well as people simply interested to learn more about the dialog between science and Orthodoxy. The interviews presented will constitute a material for future research on the relations between science and faith, and for contemplating on the nature of science in the contemporary world.

This database will also be searchable by keywords provided for each text in English.

For the moment, SOW Data Space is not available to end-users.



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