An encounter with Dr George Meskos

On Tuesday, April 19, 2016, Dr George Meskos, theologian, visited Project SOW for a very interesting discussion. Despite a general interest for a multitude of questions raised by Dr Meskos' work and patterns of ideas, the discussion focused on the very character of modern Theology, and the ways the Orthodox Tradition could contribute to the dialog between Science and religion, and how Orthodoxy could be influenced by new approaches in the sciences. 

Dr Meskos emphasized that the dialog between Science and Orthodoxy is valued only as each person wishes to maintain his/her self-consistency, and approach the dilemmas within this context. The discussion also focused on the relationship between Theology and Philosophy. Modern Physics, according to Dr Meskos, reaches today limits which are purely meta-physical, and expresses itself via logical hypotheses and philosophical concepts, where there can definitely be points of contact with theology, which today can be seen as an integral part of Philosophy, contrary to older theologicl approaches which accepted Philosophy as an integral part of Theology. The cosmological problems raised today by modern Science and modern Theology are essentially not different than those raised by ancient cosmology. However, it must be stressed that there are differences between Philosophy and Theology as well, which mostly focus on the fact that the Theologian approaches the issues through a living experience, not that evident in the process of philosophical thought. 


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