Rev. Dr. Doru Costache

Protopresbyter Doru Costache is Associate Professor in Patristic Studies at the Sydney College of Divinity, Australia, and the Research Director of the Institute for the Study of Christianity in an Age of Science and Technology. He participated in project Science and Orthodoxy around the World/SOW I (2016-2019) hosted by the Institute of Historical Research at the National Hellenic Research Foundation.

In this capacity, he presented papers for the three international conferences organized in 2017 and 2018 within the project, all of which he turned into book chapters for the project's publications. He also published a book and a journal article for which he received funding from the project. Furthermore, he gave a public lecture at the National Library of Romania, organised by Dr Magda Stavinschi on behalf of the project (Bucharest, 16 February 2017). Last but not least, he organized a seminar in Australia, Relating Science and Religion, to which he contributed alongside Rev. Professor Denis Edwards (Australian Catholic University; d. 2019) and Professor Peter Harrison (University of Queensland). The event took place at the Sydney College of Divinity (Macquarie Park, 30 June 2017).

He also is a co-chair, together with Dr. Alexei Nesteruk (Porthsmouth University, United Kingdom), of the ‘Cosmology’ research group of the second project Science and Orthodoxy around the World/SOW II (2020-2023). In this capacity, he writes two book chapters in collaboration with Professor Richard de Grijs (Macquarie University, Australia) and Professor Geraint Lewis (University of Sydney, Australia), and will co-edit the group's volume.


SOW Conference papers and talks:

‘Anthropology at the Crossroads: The Contribution of Panayiotis Nellas’ The Science and Orthodox Christianity Relationship: Past-Present-Future (National Research Hellenic Foundation, Athens, 29 November - 1 December 2018).

‘One Description, Multiple Interpretations: Suggesting a Way Out of the Current Impasse’ Conference: Orthodox Christianity and the Reassessment of Scientific Knowledge (National Research Hellenic Foundation, Athens, 9-10 February 2018).

‘The Kenotic God, the Principle of Synergy, and the Evolutionary Universe.’ Seminar Relating Science & Religion, an event of Project Science and Orthodoxy around the World (National Hellenic Research Foundation, Athens) held under the aegis of The Australian Institute for Orthodox Christian Studies. Sydney College of Divinity (Macquarie Park, 30 June 2017).

‘Father Dumitru Stăniloae, Contemporary Cosmology, and the Traditional Worldview’ Conference: Modern Science and the Orthodox Tradition: An Uneasy Relationship? (National Hellenic Research Foundation; Athens; 24-25 February 2017).

‘From Astronomy to Theology: Natural Contemplation in Clement the Alexandrian’ (in Romanian) National Library of Romania and the Institute for Transdisciplinary Studies in Science, Spirituality and Society; Bucharest, 16 February 2017.


SOW Publications:

‘Theological Anthropology Today: Panayiotis Nellas’s Contribution.’ In: Kostas Tampakis and Haralampos Ventis (eds). The Science and Orthodox Christianity Relationship: Past-Present-Future. Science and Orthodox Christianity 3. Turnhout: Brepols Publishers, forthcoming 2021.

Humankind and the Cosmos: Early Christian Representations. Supplements to Vigiliae Christianae 170. (Leuven and Boston: Brill, 2021).

‘One Description, Multiple Interpretations: Suggesting a Way Out of the Current Impasse.’ In: Christopher Knight and Alexei Nesteruk (eds). Eastern Orthodox Christianity and the Sciences: Theological, Philosophical, Scientific and Historical Aspects of the Dialogue. Science and Orthodox Christianity 2. Turnhout: Brepols Publishers, 2021: 33-49.

‘A Theology of the World: Dumitru Stăniloae, the Traditional Worldview, and Contemporary Cosmology.’ In: Vasilios N. Makrides and Gayle Woloschak (eds). Orthodox Christianity and Modern Science: Tensions, Ambiguities, Potential. Science and Orthodox Christianity 1. Turnhout: Brepols Publishers, 2019: 205-222.

‘The Orthodox Doctrine of Creation in the Age of Science’ Journal of Orthodox Christian Studies 2:1 (2019) 43-64.



Featuring in the documentary film Science and Orthodoxy around the World Athens, 2020

Video interview for project Science and Orthodoxy around the World. Athens, 2018




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