Niki Hasapi

Niki Hasapi holds a B.Th. from the School of Theology of the University of Athens, and M.Th. in Orthodox Theology from the Hellenic Open University (HOU). Her M.Th. thesis was entitled The humanization of the machine and the mechanization of the man, in the light of Orthodox Anthropology”, dealing with artificial intelligence and robotics in relation to the Posthuman philosophical movement and Orthodox anthropology. She is currently also studying for M.Sc. on Science Communication from HOU. For the last fifteen years she has been living and working in Paros, as a teacher of Theology in Secondary Education. Her research interests revolve around the field of Theology, as well as Philosophy and History of Science and especially the relationship between religion and science. She has written various articles for journals and blogs. Among her recent articles published is "Freedom and person in F. Dostoyevsky's Great Inquisitor in the light of orthodox anthropology", Theology 93/1 (Jan - Mar 2022).





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