The Creation-Evolution Controversy from Global Perspectives

Research Workshop

“The Creation-Evolution Controversy from Global Perspectives”

Date: April 23, 2018 (9 AM – 5:40 PM) / April 24, 2018 (9:20 AM – 11:50 AM)

Venue: HSS Conference Room (5th Floor), HSS Building, 14 Nanyang Drive, Singapore 637332

Betraying the facile belief in the progressive secularization of the world and the eventual success of evolutionary science, creationism remains persistent in the twenty-first century. As Ronald Numbers argued, “geographical, theological, and political barriers had utterly failed to contain creationism,” which is now prospering in both Christian and Muslim countries, along with other nations that did not have monotheism before the late nineteenth century. By inviting nine scholars working on American, Asian, and European cases, this workshop aims at a comparative, interdisciplinary, and transnational approach to the creation-evolution debate incurred by this global phenomenon.

Speakers: Ronald L. Numbers, Edward J. Larson, Steve Fuller, John Stenhouse, Efthymios Nicolaidis, G. Clinton Godart, Zhang Zengyi, Mustafa Akyol, Park Hyung Wook

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