AIOCS Conversations: Efthymios Nicolaidis

A conversation between SOW Director Efthymios Nicolaidis, and Rev. Doru Costache, Director of the Australian Institute for Orthodox Christian Studies (AIOCS). The discussion focused on Efthymios' career, from his training as a physical scientist (astronomy) to his research in the history of science and then in the history of faith and science in the Orthodox tradition.


AIOCS Conversations: Kostas Tampakis

A conversation between Dr. Kostas Tampakis, Associate Researcher, the Institute of Historical Research at the National Hellenic Research Foundation, Athens, Greece and Rev. Doru Costache, Director of the Australian Institute for Orthodox Christian Studies (AIOCS). The discussion moved from Kostas' career trajectory to his current research in contemporary Orthodox attitudes towards the sciences. It focused on the importance of historical awareness on the part of Orthodox and non-Orthodox alike in regard to the various Orthodox ways of tackling the sciences.



AIOCS Conversations: Nikos Livanos

A conversation between Byzantinist and SOW Events & Communications manager Dr. Nikolaos Livanos and Rev. Doru Costache, Director of the Australian Institute of Orthodox Christian Studies (AIOCS) on the three phases of a worldwide exploration of how Orthodox Christians perceive and interact with the scientific culture of our day.



Ευδοξία Δελλή | Σύγχρονες επιστήμες και Θεολογία: Δύο ασύμπτωτες "γλώσσες";

Evdoxie Delli, Modern Science and Theology: Two divergent "languages"? (in Greek), 

Philosophia 50 (2020) 236-262


Modern Science & St Gregory Palamas

Soul and Psyche as a Surprise

Edited by Evdoxia Delli and Rev. Vasileios Thermos

Sebastian Press, 2021

Cosmogonie, cosmologie, hexaéméron

E. Delli & E. Nicolaidis (eds) "Cosmogonie, cosmologie, hexaéméron", Almagest 11/1  (2020)

Humankind and the Cosmos: Early Christian Representations

      A new book by Rev. Dr Doru Costache

           SOW researcher and Cosmology Group co-Chair


Theology for now

 New book by Fr Răzvan Andrei Ionescu  

Virtual Book Launch

Rev. Christopher Knight, Science and the Christian Faith: A Guide for the Perplexed

How do we understand and articulate our Christian faith in the age of science? Are the two in conflict? Fr Christopher Knight - a theologian who also holds a doctorate in astrophysics - is well-equipped to guide us through these questions. He argues that not only is there no conflict between faith and science, but our contemporary scientific worldview can be deepened and refined by engagement with the riches of the ancient Orthodox tradition.



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