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Research Database

Project SOW has published its research library, which includes the presentation and description of hundreds of works and links concerning the relationship between science and Orthodox Christianity.

The aim of the Research Library is to collect, record and present the views and positions that constitute today’s science and religion dialog in Greece, Russia, Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia and Georgia, as well as the United Kingdom, the United States of America, France, Αustralia and Canada. The sources are organized in a way to present the main questions that are discussed today in the Orthodox world and the various attitudes concerning these questions.

The Research Library aims at becoming the main tool of reference for scholars wishing to carry on the research on the relations between Science and Orthodox Christianity in the 21st century. It also aims at making the ideas of Orthodox thinkers expressed in various languages largely known to the international community. The texts available can also be of great use to specialists or PhD students in the field of Theology or Philosophy of Science as well as people simply interested to learn more about the dialog between science and Orthodoxy.

It is searchable by keywords provided for each text in English. The basic entries of the database are Lemmas composed by the researchers of the project. Each entry is linked to other entries of the database providing additional information for its source, namely the specific work where it derives and its manifestation, while the authors is these sources are presented in biographic entries. The opac feature provides to the stakeholders the possibility of searching within the registered entities while each search can be filtered by diverse categories such as authors, keywords etc.

The Research Library was designed and implemented by AltSol Reasonable Graph Platform while SOW IT Manager Ilia Christantoni provided constant support and guidance.The researchers that worked for this achievement are: Miriam Asliturk, Dr. Eudoxie Delli, Dr. Gianna Katsiampoura, Vangelis Koutalis, Dr. Ivaylo Nachev, Dr. Tamara Pataridze, Dr. Dmitry Saprykin, Dr. Alexandra Stavinschi, Dr. Aleksandra Stevanovic, and Dr. Kostas Tampakis.

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