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Православие и наука: история, современность, будущее

Международный семинар

«Православие и наука: история, современность, будущее»

18 сентября 2017 года

Начало семинара ― в 18:00 по адресу: Москва, Большая Никитская улица, дом 1. Сбор участников и гостей ― в 17-30.

Вход свободный.

Reflections on the Relating Science and Religion Seminar

Project SOW in Sydney, Australia
by Chris Baghos, Theologian, AIOCS Co-Founder​


Bucharest lecture - Secrets of the Universe: Scientific and spiritual perspectives

Bucharest, Sala Mara, ARCUB, 84-90 Lipscani str.

MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 25, 2017  at  18:30


Prof. Radu Constantinescu, Dep. Rector of the University of Craiova

Protopresbyter Prof. Ioan Chirilă, President of the Senate, University "Babeş-Bolyai" of Cluj-Napoca


Dr Magda Stavinschi, Director of the Institute for Transdisciplinary Studies in Science, Spirituality, Society (IT4S)

Book presentation in Paris















Saint Petersburg Workshop

Theology, Science and the Eastern Orthodox Christian Tradition

May 31, 2017

At the Center for Multidisciplinary Scientific and Theological Research, St Petersburg State University, 9th Street - Vasilievsky Island, Build. 2/11


Science, religion, and superstition in Romania

by Alexandra Stavinschi, Project SOW Researcher

Book review: Michel Blay, Dieu, la nature et l’homme. L’originalité de l’Occident, Paris : Armand Colin (collection : Le temps des idées), 2013, 358 p.

(Michel Blay, God, Nature and Man. The originality of the West, Paris: Armand Colin, 2013, 358 pp.) *

by Evdoxie Delli, Project SOW Researcher


* The book review was first published in French in Αlmagest 5/2(2014) 128-141

Orthodoxy and Science in Russia

by Dr Anna Saprykina

The year 2017 in Russia is the century anniversary of Russian revolution. Public, state and scientific events of this year in Russia are dedicated to the centenary of one of the most tragic events in Russian and world history. Results, conclusions that we can make, looking back to the past century - these are the main topics raised today at conferences, round tables, exhibitions. We can say that this is an important epoch in the history of Russian science, including both the science and religion relationship and education issues.

Theory of Evolution: The Apple of Discord in the Serbian Educational System


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