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2023 Science & Religion Summer School


Orthodox Christianity and the Cosmic Setting of Human Experience

Including the Discussion of a Recent Article on David Bohm's Cosmology

Efthymios Nicolaidis "interrogated"

Η ομάδα "Κοσμολογία και Θεολογία,  Επιστήμη και Θρησκεία"  «ανακρίνει» τον Ευθύμιο Νικολαΐδη για το βιβλίο του Science and Eastern Orthodoxy. From the Greek Fathers to the Age of Globalization (Johns Hopkins University Press, 2011)

The group "Cosmology and Theology, Science and Religion" "interrogate" Efthymios Nikolaidis on his book Science and Eastern Orthodoxy. From the Greek Fathers to the Age of Globalization (Johns Hopkins University Press, 2011) (in Greek)


Orthodoxy and Artificial Intelligence | Book Presentation

On Thursday, 23 January 2020 the book

Orthodoxy and Artificial Intelligence
(published by the National Hellenic Research Foundation, Greece)

was presented to the public


Aleksandar Petrović, PhD
Suzana Polić, PhD
Aleksandar Gajić, PhD
Aleksandra Stevanovic, PhD candidate

3rd World Congress of Transdisciplinarity

OCTOBER 26-30, 2020

Orthodox Christianity and Modern Science: Tensions, Ambiguities, Potential

We are happy to announce that the first volume of the series "Orthodox Christianity and Modern Science" based on the papers of the First SOW International Conference is now available.
Many thanks and congratulations to the editors Vasilios Makrides and Gayle Woloschak as well as all the authors of the book.

Basarab Nicolescu awarded Peace Prize for his work on Transdisciplinarity

Our warm congratulations to Prof. Basarab Nicolescu for being awarded the PEACE PRIZE attributed by UNIPAZ and ALUBRAT, Brazil, 2019 for being "pilgrim of peaceful consciousness, honoring Baasarab Nicolescu's legacy of Transdisciplinarity that drives the evolutionary awakening of Humanity"

Analog and Digital Translating: Dictionary of Technology and the Rosetta Stone

by Prof. Aleksandar Petrovic (University of Belgrade) and Aleksandra Stevanovic (University of Belgrade)

International Journal of Tranlsation 30/2 (Jul-Dec 2018)

Download Article HERE

From Analog to Digital: The Rise of Artificial Intelligence and the Logos of the Dictionary of Technology

Lecture by Aleksandra Stevanovic (University of Belgrade) at the Indian Institute of Technology, Tirupati | September 25, 2019



Project SOW's results presented in PRISMA Science Magazine

Efthymios Nicolaidis presents the results of Project SOW in the Science Magazine PRISMA

June 29, 2019

(Press image to enlarge)



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