Evdoxie Delli

Ευδοξία Δελλή | Σύγχρονες επιστήμες και Θεολογία: Δύο ασύμπτωτες "γλώσσες";

Evdoxie Delli, Modern Science and Theology: Two divergent "languages"? (in Greek), 

Philosophia 50 (2020) 236-262


Cosmogonie, cosmologie, hexaéméron

E. Delli & E. Nicolaidis (eds) "Cosmogonie, cosmologie, hexaéméron", Almagest 11/1  (2020)

Book presentation in Paris















Book review: Michel Blay, Dieu, la nature et l’homme. L’originalité de l’Occident, Paris : Armand Colin (collection : Le temps des idées), 2013, 358 p.

(Michel Blay, God, Nature and Man. The originality of the West, Paris: Armand Colin, 2013, 358 pp.) *

by Evdoxie Delli, Project SOW Researcher


* The book review was first published in French in Αlmagest 5/2(2014) 128-141


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