Théologie orthodoxe et science

Colloquium "Orthodox Theology and Science"

October 6, 2018 | Paris, Romanian Orthodox Cathedral of the Holy Archangels
Organized by the Romanian Orthodox Metropolis of Western Europe


13 :30 - 16 :30 Moderator: P. Razvan Ionescu
13 :30 - 14 :00 - Magda Stavinschi, Entre le ciel et la terre (Between Heavens and Earth)
14 :00 - 14 :30 - Rev. Razvan Ionescu, L’homme face à la science : les enjeux spirituels (Man before science: Spiritual issues)
14:30 -15:00 - Rev. Philippe Dautais, Théologie et Science, deux regards complémentaires sur l’unique réalité (Theology and Science, two complementary views of a unique reality)
15 :00 - 15 :30 - Rev. Thierry Magnin, Résonances entre biologie et anthropologie chrétienne aujourd’hui (Resonances between biology and Christian anthropology today)
15:30 - 16:00 - Rev. Jean Boboc, La connaissance noétique - Approche eucharistique et doxologique (Noetic knowledge - A eucharistic and doxological approach)
16:00 - 16:30 - Basarab Nicolescu, La religion chrétienne face au défi du transhumanisme (Christian religion before the challenge of transhumanism)

16-30 - 17 :00 Break

17 :00 - 18 :00 Round Table/Discussion. Moderator: Basarab Nicolescu

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