Cambridge Lecture

East meets West: Approaches to Science in the Orthodox and Western Christian Traditions

Monday September 17th 2018, 6:00 PM | The Garden Room, St Edmunds College, Cambridge


Dr Hilary Marlow (University of Cambridge)
The modern environmental challenge: Insights from Eastern and Western Christian Theologies

Response  to Dr Marlow by Dr Elizabeth Theokritoff (Institute for Orthodox Christian Studies, Cambridge)

Rev. Dr Christopher C. Knight (Institute for Orthodox Christian Studies, Cambridge)
Eastern Orthodox Perspectives on the Science-Theology Dialogue


Dr Efthymios Nicolaidis (Director of Science and Orthodoxy around the World project)


This conference arises out of the project "Science and Orthodoxy around the World" organized by the Greek National Research Foundation and funded by the Templeton WCF. Its main goals are to show how

• the Orthodox Christian approach to science can benefit the ongoing general discussion in Science and Religion and to

• map the ongoing discussion among the Orthodox Christian Community on the science- religion relationship and to

• ensure that this important contribution from Orthodoxy is included in the global discussion on Science and Religion.


A collaborative event between The Faraday Institute for Science and Religion (Cambridge) and the Institute of Historical Research / National Hellenic Research Foundation (Athens)


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